I was approached by Danny Guba, the Grandmaster of the international martial arts Eskrima club, Guba Doces Pares International, who had seen the website I had created for Evalution Eskrima. He wanted me to design and build a new website for his club to replace the existing one, which was very dated.

This was a much larger project than Evalution Eskrima. The website required a lot more content and they had their own ideas on how they wanted the site to be laid out. I had to come up with a design that was in line with their requirements. I worked alongside a representative of their club and came up with a design that everyone was happy with. I then built the site, incorporating several design and content changes along the way requested by the client. Once the site was launched, it received lots of positive feedback from the club's members.

"Working with Neal on this site could not have been better. As liaison on the project between Neal, SGM Danny Guba, the organisation stakeholders who all wanted design input, there was potential for things to go awry but the result was one that everybody could not have been happier with. The navigation path for our international audience was very important and tricky but Neal guided us through the options very clearly and the solution is one that has proved successful. SGM Guba has received incredibly positive feedback from all around the world. An outstanding job from Neal from start to finish."
Kevin Taylor
Club Member/Administrator
Guba Doce Pares International