A construction company in Kent who had seen the work I'd done for Whitfield Construction Services and approached me to design and build a new website to replace their existing one.

I used their existing logo as the base for my design, using the shape throughout the site for certain elements and the blue and green as the base colours throughout the site. I made suggestions to expand the content of their site and made sure the design was fully responsive, looking good across all ranges of mobile devices and laptop/desktop computers. Managing Director Nick Lowe was delighted with the new site and they have remained a client to this day, using me to update their site whenever necessary and add new content.

"Working with Neal has been a great experience. From developing the original website, to providing updates to improve the look and functionality of the site, Neal has provided an excellent service. The site expertly designed by Neal has greatly increased enquiries to my business."
Nick Lowe
Managing Director
Lowe Civil Engineering